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Property Management Services

🏢 Discover the Freedom of Professional Property Management! 🏢

Are you a busy landlord struggling to keep up with the demands of managing your rental properties? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with tenant inquiries, maintenance issues, and administrative tasks? It's time to reclaim your time and peace of mind with the help of a trusted property management company! Let us introduce you to a world of convenience and success.

1️⃣ Hassle-Free Tenant Screening: No more wasting hours sifting through countless applications or worrying about choosing the wrong tenant. Our property management experts have a rigorous screening process in place, ensuring that only reliable and responsible tenants occupy your valuable properties. We handle background checks, credit reports, employment verification, and more!

2️⃣ Maximize Rental Income: Say goodbye to missed opportunities for maximizing your rental income! Our experienced manager keeps up with the ever-changing market trends, setting the optimal rental rates for your properties. We analyze local demand, adjust prices, and utilize effective marketing strategies to attract quality tenants and minimize vacancies.

3️⃣ Streamlined Property Maintenance: Tired of receiving maintenance calls at inconvenient times or dealing with complex repairs? Leave it to us! Our property management company has a network of trusted contractors and maintenance professionals who promptly address all maintenance and repair needs. We ensure that your properties are well-maintained, minimizing costly issues and keeping tenants satisfied.

4️⃣ Legal Compliance & Documentation: Navigating the legal landscape of property management can be a daunting task. Our experts are well-versed in local and federal laws and regulations, ensuring that you stay compliant at all times. From lease agreements and inspections to working with Attorneys on eviction procedures, we handle all the necessary paperwork, mitigating legal risks and protecting your investment.

5️⃣ Timely Rent Collection: No more chasing after late payments or dealing with awkward rent collection conversations! Our property management company employs efficient systems to ensure rent is collected on time, every time. We handle the collection process, enforce lease terms, and swiftly address any payment issues, ensuring a steady cash flow for you.

6️⃣ Peace of Mind: Enjoy the freedom to focus on your other priorities, knowing that your properties are in capable hands. Our dedicated property manager is available round-the-clock to handle emergencies, respond to tenant inquiries, and address any concerns promptly. Rest easy knowing that we're committed to protecting your investment and ensuring tenant satisfaction.

Discover the benefits of professional property management today! Contact us for a personalized consultation and experience the convenience, profitability, and peace of mind that comes with entrusting your rental properties to experts. Let us take care of the details while you enjoy the rewards of your investment journey. Together, we'll pave the way to your real estate success! 🏆


We have designed our management services to give our clients affordable property management. BlackBelt Realty has simplified the property management process by offering our services as a percentage of the monthly rent. No additional fees. We provide full disclosure of cost and anticipated expenses, so there are no surprises when it comes to managing costs for your investment portfolio. When you read our management agreement, what you see is what you get. 


Our all-inclusive services are offered to everyone, and are available for every home regardless of value or size.

  • Semi-annual visits inside and out. Pictures and reports are included for each visit upon prior request.

  • Repair/maintenance scheduling and coordination.

  • 24/7 on call services for tenants and property owners.

  • Collections and eviction handling (we will work with your Attorney or ours when needed).

  • Direct deposited rents within 7 days of tenant's rent due date.

  • Manage any utility services and connections as needed between tenants.

  • Monthly rent collection, deposit management, pay property bills as directed by owner

  • Provide monthly cash flow statements; itemized income/expenses

  • Provide owner with an IRS-1099 and a summary profit and loss statement for tax purposes

  • No setup, service, lease renewals, or vacancy fees. No fees when a property is vacant or in between tenants.

  • Non-refundable deposits will be given to owner. Refundable deposits will be held and dispersed according to laws

  • Do not require any owner reserves. We simply deduct any repairs from your monthly owner disbursement.

  • We only deduct the true cost of repairs, no additional fees for coordinating the repair.

  • We partner with and use only the most reputable vendors to make repairs to your property.​



  • 10% of monthly rent for the first property ($100 minimum monthly charge on any property).

  • 9% of monthly rents for two properties concurrently ($100 minimum monthly charge on any property).

  • 8% of monthly rents on 3 or more properties concurrently (No minimum requirements).

       (management fees and approved repairs are paid prior to any owner rent deposits)

  • Brokerage added as an additional insured on Landlord dwelling policy. Certificate of Insurance to be on file.

  • Any Eviction and/or Attorney fees may be charged to the property owner.





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