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Texas Roof Repair - More than just keeping your home dry.

TEXAS never fails! Every year we have big winds, big hail, and the threat of severe weather. As a

homeowner with a two-story, pitched roof that was only about 15 years old, I thought to myself...Well, there are no leaks or missing shingles so we are good. We don't need to file an insurance claim. We don't need to worry until we have a leak or need to sell.

Unfortunately, its not that simple. As the years went by and the roof got older, I noticed our homeowner insurance had been going up each year. Then I received a notice that our policy premium was going to jump up quite a bit. So I went on the search for a newer, better, and more cost effective policy. FOUND ONE! Was able to cut that premium almost in half!

*On a side note to my story I would recommend taking an annual look at your expenses and policies to see if you can get a better rate. We tend to do this with our electric companies since we see that bill every month but tend to forget about our insurance policies.

Back on track.....So one of the new policy requirements is that they complete an exterior inspection of the home. No problem. I got a call from the new insurance company.


I was informed that our roof was too damaged and too old for us to get our home insured. WHAT? We have no leaks, never have. There is no water stains or damage to the attic? Well, come to find out there is something to be said about those little granules on your roof that fall off over the years. And perhaps those dents to the shingles may not be cracked but they are compromised. So what do I do now? I had cancelled my old policy with the expectation that this one would go into effect the following month.

Panic set in - I had 3 weeks to file a roof claim with my old insurance company, get approval and get the repairs completed. So that my new policy would remain in effect. Well, I'm a broker and know several roofing companies. I can get this done in time. Well, that statement was harder to achieve than I thought. With our building boom, the limitless amounts of roofs in Texas that need to be replaced, inspections that had to be done, it was harder than I thought.

FINALLY! GOOD NEWS! I found a roofing company that had the best customer service and was able to work with me on my time frame. CUSTOM ROOFING AND CONSTRUCTION not only got the work done ahead of schedule, but was able to meet the claims adjuster at my house with less than a 14 hour notice. James Floyd was negotiating with the adjuster on the spot! Pointing out additional items, making sure all the measurements were accurate, and fighting for every one of my pennies! Even after I received my claim estimate, he reviewed it and found another discrepancy in which I was awarded another few hundred dollars for. Talk about going above and beyond! He had his guys out within days of my claim approval and the work was completed in a day and a half!

My moral of the story? Don't think you can just sit on a maintenance repair and think its no big deal. I'm thinking I'm saving a few buck and passing the expense and effort down the road when it ends up being a road block. Lesson learned. I hear you loud and clear Karma.

The second purpose of my story? To share with all, this incredible contractor that goes above and beyond for his customers. Something I always try to do with my clients and am always looking for the same in any vendor I choose to use and share with others.

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